Visionary Care Consultants, Healthcare Advocates, and Care Managers of San Diego & Riverside in California.


Are you stressed, struggling and losing sleep over how to care for your aging or disabled loved one and don’t know how to successfully navigate a complex medical maze?

You have come to the right place!! We are your Healthcare Advocates and Care Managers of San Diego and Riverside in California.

We Believe Everyone Deserves to Age with Dignity & Integrity!

At Visionary Care Consultants, We assist you in implementing a care plan for your loved one that fits your family’s abilities and resources, give you the medical and community support you deserve and ensure that your loved one does not fall through the cracks. We give you the confidence, knowing your loved one has great care and peace of mind knowing a caring professional is by your side to advocate for your loved one. Our services can range in price from $55 per hour to $195 per hour.

Our Services

Medical and Mental Health Care Advocacy

Efficient health care advocacy and support to ensure clients needs are met and their wishes are heard, valued and honored.

Comprehensive Assessments and Client Centered Care Plans
Extensive and detailed assessments and care plans which incorporate clients medical, mental health, and psychosocial needs while harnessing community resources in order to keep costs low.
Care Coordination and Management of Medical Services
Care coordination and stream lined communication with clients and all service providers including physicians, family, caregivers, attorneys and fiduciaries.

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