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Linus Health

Note: The cost of our services ranges from $55 per hour to $195 per hour.

Introducing Linus Health: Our Integrated Brain Health Solution

Visionary Care Consultants is thrilled to announce our partnership with Linus Health. The Linus platform is a unified solution for brain health screening and monitoring.  Linus uses everyday mobile technology and machine learning algorithms to deliver meaningful insights more quickly, affordably, and objectively than current gold-standard assessments. Linus integrates an array of scientifically validated tools and cross-validation metrics that can enable a more holistic assessment of brain health.

Why Use Linus Health?

  • Detect subtle signs of cognitive impairment that common paper and pencil tests might miss with our AI-enabled digital assessments. The mobile-based test is proven to distinguish between Parkinson’s Disease phenotypes and has a greater detection sensitivity than traditional methods and is effective in identifying the beginnings of Alzheimer’s disease pathology in cognitively normal individuals, including those with no outward symptoms of dementia 


  • Rapid, easy to administer digital assessments, immediate scoring, and secure, automated data 


  • Centralized data collection, access, and analysis with our all-in-one applications using familiar, widely accessible technology and devices