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Creating Your Signature Program

Download the Creating Your Signature Program PDF below:

Signature Program

What is your signature program? You are going to have at least one program. You can call the program the EXACT same thing as your signature system. If you click the button below it will take you to my mentorship program page, which has a description of my program:

Below you can navigate to my two programs for my aging clients:

This program that you are working on right now is called the Care Builder Mentorship Program, but sometimes I call it the Skyrocket your Care Business and Cash flow Program. You can call it the same thing, you can adjust the name if you would like.  Your signature program could have many names or titles depending on the audience or people you wish to attract.   


Now it’s your turn, using the PDF we provided please fill in the Signature Program section.

Charge for Results Not Time!

If there is only one thing you take away from this program let it be this! Moving away from trading hours for dollars and into charging your clients for results can lead to a MASSIVE boost in your cash flow! It’s a mindset shift every entrepreneur needs to make if you want to generate big money in your service business. People will pay anything for results. Of course, you have to be able to help them and always act in integrity. Don’t promise something you can’t deliver. What are the benefits of working with you? Sell those! Go back to the owning your value exercise, do the crafting your message exercise and map out what your client’s problems are and the benefits they enjoy from the solutions you provide. Charge for that and you’ll be well on your way to breaking free from the hours for dollars’ trap! It’s not about how long it takes you to do something; it’s about the value and results you provide.  


Using the PDF provided now you should fill in the Charge for Results, not Time section.



You never mention pricing or payment plans on your website. You never mention pricing or payment plans on your website. You never mention pricing or payment plans on your website.


Ok, now that that’s clear… I like to give people an incentive to pay in full – a little discount. For example, $3000 if you pay in full it’s $2500. So, payment plan option is $1000 a month or $2500 in full. Or $2000 and $1700 if you pay in full. A lot of times clients will want to save the extra $ if they can so always offer a discount for PIF. No freaking out here – this module is to help you get your working program title down on paper. – for now “good enough is good enough” just name your program – come up with some benefits and get it onto your about page. You can always tweak and change it later as you get more clarity and let me remind you … CLARITY COMES FROM DOING… not thinking about doing it – actually getting in the game and serving your clients. So let’s get you in the game!! Let’s go!