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Finding Your Ideal Client

Download the Finding Your Ideal Client PDF below:
Client Questionnaire & Avatar:

This questionnaire is meant to determine your ideal audience which is required in order to be cost-efficient with our marketing campaigns. Please answer the following questions with as many details as you can because market research is 70% of any marketing campaign and is extremely crucial. Fill out this document before creating your FB ad it will give YOU TONS of great copy to work within designing a killer converting ad! Sometimes it will feel like you are repeating yourself but that’s just part of the process. If you don’t have an answer, skip the question but try to do it as less possible 😉


1. Describe your service in 3 sentences or less.


2. What problems does your product solve? If you can least a few do so. If you want to list a dozen, even better.


3. What problems is your audience facing? Put it in a few sentences. If you want to write it in the form of bullet points, that’s fine too.


4. List TOP 3 of your competitors (if you feel like there are less than 3, feel free to choose the closest options).


5. What’s their biggest DREAM/DESIRE? Example: I have a great start-up idea but don’t know how to raise money for it.


CLIENT AVATAR The following questions are all about your customer (may seem redundant at times but this is what’s required to build a client avatar). I will be referring to your ideal customer as “them” and use Anna as an example to give you an idea of what your answers should look like.


6. What is the gender, average, level of education, job occupation, the industry they work in, and family status of your customer? Example: female, 35-45, finished college, sales executive, IT, married has 2 kids Your Answer:


7. What is the nature of their problem? Is it emotional, financial, physical? Example: Anna’s problem is both emotional and financial. She has been waiting for a well-deserved promotion for years now. Not getting the promotion makes her feel like as she is underappreciated in the company and she is missing out on extra income that she works hard For.


8. List me the specific pains and difficulties they are experiencing right now (you can list them in bullet points) Example: – It feels like I am not a valuable part of our company and just another cog in the machine – My current income is only enough to pay the bills. I want to start saving for retirement, college for kids, and vacations every once in a while – I see people getting promotions when they don’t remotely deserve it as much as I do. What’s wrong with me? Am I doing a bad job? Your Answer:


9. What if they don’t get your solution now, what would life be like then? For example: if Anna doesn’t get my course on “Job Promotion Mastery”, then she will be stuck at her current job for a long time, which will lead to lower self-esteem, less career growth, fewer opportunities both in career and lifestyle, less motivation to work and etc. Your Answer (please be as detailed as you can, if you want to write 4 paragraphs, that’s AWESOME):


10. What are they currently doing to solve their problem? Example: following X public figures, reading XYZ blogs and forums, listening to the advice of their coworkers, and perhaps bought a few books on how to get a job promotion. Your Answer:


11. Why is your solution the best one available? How does it stand out from all the other options? How is it not just better, but the ONLY smart solution?


12. Please list me all the books, public figures, media, websites, and another source of media that you think your audience is currently reading, listening and following Books: Public figures: Websites: Others Fill out this document before creating your FB add it will give YOU TONS of great copy to work within designing a killer converting add!