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Healing Energy Leaks

Step 1:

Print out the PDF and jot down anything you have been putting of doing.  These can be unfinished projects, decisions or possibly decluttering as well as reorganizing projects you have been putting off.  Anything that you have needed to do but can not seem to find the time to do.

Step 2:

Rank them in the order of importance.  Decide which are your highest priority to your lowest priority.

Step 3:

Take action on these projects IMMEDIATELY!  Begin with the highest priority items first and work your way through your list.

Block out your time in your calendar to get these items off your list.  Specify exactly what you are going to do in that blocked time; research the new doctor in your network, make an oil change appointment, do your taxes, write your book, go to the gym, or get a massage.

No plan is planning to fail.  Set yourself up to WIN!!

GET STARTED NOW!  Because you deserve it!  Nobody will make YOU and your happiness and peace of mind are YOUR PRIORITY!  You got this!  Watch how handling these tasks will help your confidence GROW!

Suggested Areas of Energy Leaks and Ways to Fix Them:

Around the Home:


Repairs, overdue maintenance, messy closets, organizing papers and mail, gifts to people.




What relationships would you like to have, what kinds of people to do you need to have a chat with and be honest with? What must die for something NEW to live?




Bath, hair-cut, pedicure, a good book and a hot tea, yoga classes, hiring a personal trainer, taking a dance class or exploring a new cooking class or activity that brings you JOY.




Morning meditation, affirmations, gratitude, connecting with nature, visualization.


Fun Time:


Often sadly the most overlooked, plan a girls night out dancing, a movie night in with friends or a fancy dinner on the town, a weekend trip to someplace NEW and exciting, or that trip to Europe, a pole dancing class, horseback riding adventure.. the possibilities are endless here! What would bring you JOY?



Work & Career:


This could easily be a long list in itself so keep it simple 1-2-3 top things you want to get a handle on here and work on in this program. You can always come back and do this exercise again the goal here is to take action on what is really a priority don’t overwhelm yourself.


Family & Friends:


Who have you been putting on the back burner? Make a list of the relationships you would like to rekindle – plan to reach out and let them know they matter to you and plan a fun catch up.




Car repairs, taxes, don’t be shy to make your own lists you’ll feel so empowered getting things done, handled and taken care of you’ll want to continue this exercise!