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Radical Self-Love Workshop

How to be Radically Honest with Your Thoughts and Change Your Life!


Some of the scariest thoughts that torture us the most are running RIGHT now in the back of your inner landscape. Hands down the moment I work with clients who are spinning out of control, feeling paralyzed, unmotivated or stagnant and lacking money or resources, it is because of diseased decisions from the past haunting them in the present.

If you take the time to simply inquire and probe you will find COUNTLESS of these little gremlins poisoning your experience and it’s EASY to take your power back and turn them around to CREATE what you DO want, instead of repeating past fears and failures. Make no mistake – your mind is the canvas of life upon which you get to create. What are you choosing to think and believe? You can begin from where ever you are and the good news is it’s SIMPLE.


All you need is to remind yourself to STOP when you are spinning and feeling frazzled, running around like a chicken with your head cut off or about to grab a smoke, drink or any other kind of substance instead of DEALING with the root cause of the negative behavior and avoidance mechanism.

Download the Radical Self-Love PDF below:
Questions of Inquiry:


Sit down right now in an uninterrupted space and answer these questions. Be HONEST with yourself. The truth, after all, will set you free. Allow yourself to write it all out. Only all of it! What am I afraid of? What is the worst thing that can happen to me in this situation? What is really going on here, what am I worried about?



Radical Self-Love:


Now once you have pin-pointed the gremlin or negative thought or belief, it might look something like this example: “I’m afraid people will judge me and call me out as a FRAUD and I’ll freaking crumble and DIE right on the spot! How embarrassing, I mean I’m no expert really, why in the HELL would people EVER pay me thousands of dollars to work with me … I don’t feel worthy.”


Sit with it and look at it objectively:


ASK yourself this question: “How does it feel to believe thoughts like this?” And let yourself really feel this, and write down your feelings: “I feel shut down, like hiding out, not good enough, like a fraud, like I’m doomed. I can’t win, embarrassed, guilty, etc…” When we bring up the UGLY into the present and look at it with LOVE it loses its power. When you go through this simple exercise can you SEE how impossible it is for you to succeed with poisoned thoughts and beliefs running the show, that are in complete opposition with your goals and intentions



What do you want?


Recreating your life is simply about putting NEW programs into the hard drive. Let’s create some NEW thoughts and new statements – NEW decisions that ARE in alignment with your goals and vision. You want to state them in the present tense positive like this for example: “I am feeling fabulous, confident and strong as a leader and an expert in my field. I love attracting high paying clients that just LOVE and adore me! I take action no matter I am good enough, I am perfect JUST the way I am and I am ready and willing to serve. I am ready, I WAS BORN ready!! Bring it!” Now that is the language I would use. You of course must use your own. Now read something like that to yourself 10 times a day, morning and night and watch how your ACTIONS change to match your new thought habits!

Practice Practice Practice!


The way to reprogram the mind is just like how you programmed it in the first place through repetition. Not rocket science man, it’s really not. I’m sorry reprogramming your mind is not more sexy or fantastically exciting. It’s simply a matter of repetition. NOW you have to have SELF love, and RADICAL self love to commit to doing this every day!! EVERYDAY! How often? Read this out every morning and night with emotion with my PLAN. If this thought or belief is really deep, try reading it 10 times a day in the morning, and 10 times at night in the mirror. Watch what will happen the next time you think that awful thought. This NEW one will pop in and say “HEY, wait a minute buddy, you’re out of here man – we got a new program called – I am so totally worthy, and BAM here it is.” Your thoughts will become more and more conscious. You will care about feeling GREAT more and more, will catch more of these unconscious patterns, and begin shifting them because it’s EASY, simple and the results are sometimes IMMEDIATE!

How do you feel when you believe this new thought?


To cement this process in – make a list of how it would FEEL like to live from this NEW statement. You can absolutely CHOOSE. You are at choice the minute you decide to be, so I don’t want anyone telling me here – “oh it’s this long standing crippling self-sabotaging thought that’s been haunting me my whole life and I am a victim of it.” Stop that nonsense right now and DECIDE you are the master of your mind. Your power lies in your ability to DECIDE. If you are having any trouble in your life realizing your goals, it’s because of 2 things. #1 you’ve procrastinated making a decision – meaning nothing is happening but the same old same old. Or #2 you’ve decided your problem is bigger than you and you are helpless about it. Cut that shit out. Decide you are the boss and act like it – I’m serious. Tell yourself right now “I’m the BOSS!” Scream it at the top of your lungs then check and see how you feel. Ok back to the exercise. Now write down how you FEEL living from the new statement -this new decision. For example: “I feel fabulous, energized, capable, enthusiastic, super charged, competent, aware, empowered, great! I feel like super woman HA, able to tackle any challenge, etc…”

Rinse and Repeat:


Use the radical honesty exercise every week — every day — every time you find yourself in a jam and you know what I mean. When you notice yourself shopping instead of doing the work you COMMITTED to doing, or afraid and eating donuts instead of making your sales calls. Schedule in a Radical Honesty Workshop once a week or once a day in your calendar and watch your entire life transform. There is a reason it’s stated in the bible “and the truth shall set you free.” The truth is the HIGHEST expression of LOVE in action. The highest level of LOVE in vibration is the truth expressed. You are creating everything in your reality, so if you don’t like it you simply make a decision to change it, and sit down and do this work. Once you suffer long enough you’ll remember this exercise and commit to doing it when you experience how dramatic and impactful this simple exercise is.