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Testimonials Sent Directly To Us By Clients

It is a pleasure to recommend Tina Buchanan and Visionary Care to care for you or a loved one. She has taken care of me and all my many months of care, both in an Assisted Living Facility and all my home care needs. She is fast, efficient and attentive. She has been a blessing to me and my family through a confusing and complicated process of care. Tina will be a part of our family forever. Please call me personally at any time to expand on the above.

My experience with visionary care consultants has been absolutely wonderful. I have nothing but positive things to say about the one to one consultations. They strive to do the best possible to help with your needs and they really do care. I have got fast results and in a short time. Give them a try! Honestly, you won't regret calling them first, I am really glad I did.

​What a pleasure it is to work with Tina! She goes above and beyond for her clients and their families. If you are looking for a care manager, she's it!

My experience with Tina and visionary care consultants has been wonderful. Tina really cares about her clients and advocates for them in all aspects. Her communication with me is excellent. It is refreshing to work with someone like Tina who has such a passion for her work, and I am proud to partner with her to bring clients the best possible care.

​I just want to say thank you very much for all your help. I could not have done this without you, and yes I take back that I said you could not help me. It is just that it was so much for me, and I have no knowledge of all of this. I do know I called you a lot. You really did a lot to help me. You and Gladis make a great team. I am so happy I had you to help me with all of my Mom's paperwork. You are a super person and I think you went beyond your job to help me. Thank you so much

Before I invested in Tina's program I was struggling to understand the resources available to my mother and I. Her program really helped me see what the options were for care and how to plan for her future. With Tina's help, my mother is now able to live in her home independently and has systems around her to support her. Tina has weekly video sessions with her as well and works closely with her caregivers and doctors. I have a huge sense of relief that wasn't there before. Thank You, Tina and Visionary Care Consultants, you are the best.

My brother and I don't live near our dad so we had to hire someone to be our eyes, ears, and voice in our stead. When Mary was assigned to the case she hit the ground running. She has proved to be a tenacious advocate. She keeps us in the loop every step of the way. Mary is patient, compassionate and effective. Dad really likes her because he says "she puts up with my B.S.!"

We can breathe easier knowing Dad is in good hands.

We highly recommend Mary to anyone who wants peace of mind when it comes to the care of their loved ones.

​Before working with Tina, I had a lengthy recovery from a foot infection and needed assistance for the coordination of medical and home care services after returning to my condo. Tina helped connect me with moving services to move my furniture and belongings back from storage and has assisted in finding services that have helped me stay in my condo after a lengthy recovery from surgery. She had also advised on making the transition to Medicare coverage and has advised on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. ​

I recommend Tina to those who are having issues maintaining their lifestyle and need consultation on finding services to maintain your physical and mental well-being. Tina provides consultation for providing options and feedback for you to stay healthy and secure at home.

I connected with Tina by referral, hoping she could help us navigate and determine our needs involving the Veteran's Administration system. Following a short discussion, it became clear that our needs were not as extensive as originally anticipated. ​ What was amazing about Tina is that she made it clear to us that while her services were available, filing for what we need is something we could probably handle ourselves. She went as far as explaining the process, what to expect and where we needed to go. That is great customer service!

​ I know in time, my husband's needs will become more complicated. Our interaction secured my loyalty in returning to Tina for help even if it involves a fee!

My husband and I highly recommend her!

We hired Visionary Care Consultants two and a half months ago so that our ninety-one-year-old father would be taken care of for us, as we live out of state. What I immediately liked about the concept of this company, is that they help families to navigate the various types of ‘speed bumps’ that inevitably happen as seniors age and need more assistance. I thought this was great since there can be more going on than just medical issues. Mary Clapp was assigned to take care of my father and help to navigate the waters with him in my absence. From the first day, she has more than fulfilled any expectations and hopes I had regarding my father’s care and well being. During this time she assisted in helping us get him relocated and settled into a new assisted living community, handled some scrapes and bruises from an unexpected fall, and organized the process of two separate cataract surgeries which required very precise coordination and preparation.

What I like most about Mary is that she is a true professional, and has extensive experience with geriatric care management. She is confident, a great multi-tasker, a great communicator, and can handle just about anything that comes her way. She is very accessible and easy to get ahold of and responds promptly to any phone calls or emails. She is empathetic, a great listener is caring and thoughtful, she has developed a good rapport with my father so that he feels quite comfortable following her direction, and has given me great peace of mind. She is warm, cheerful, and does not let anything discourage her. I receive detailed reports after every visit and excursion she makes with my father, and I am always in the loop. She also orders all of his medications for him which I am truly grateful for. Because of Mary’s wonderful contributions as a care manager, I feel a great weight has been lifted off of my shoulders so that I can focus on my other responsibilities. We were very fortunate to find Mary, and would highly recommend her to any family needing assistance and support with their elderly loved ones.

Wow! I can't say enough about Tina...and the reason she is so good at what she does is she CARES and she LISTENS!

My story: After several months of trying to get my aging father to consider alternative living arrangements (with little progress), Tina was able to provide an objective and direct perspective that prompted my dad to action. She helped set up tours of several facilities and really listened to what was important to him. He is now comfortably adjusting to a fantastic assisted living community in Escondido.

Tina also provided referrals to an organization that is helping us secure an obscure Veteran's benefit (that will really make a difference) and to a Medicare insurance agent who will provide significant monthly savings. I'm not sure what I would have done without Tina's counsel and support...thank you, Tina!

There are not enough words in the English language to convey the appreciation and gratitude we feel for Visionary Care Consultants. A cousin and I took on the responsibility of helping a 72-year-old cousin on behalf of his 92-year-old mother. Both of us live on the other side of the country--New York and Florida--and his elderly Mom lives in Washington State. We spent at least two weeks trying to navigate the many systems necessary to support him when he was first diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

​It was not until Visionary Care came to our aid, that things began to change for the better. Interestingly, and most concerning was the fact that before securing their services, we hired a Hospice Service to help with his care. They apparently were threatened by Tina’s presence and we ended up terminating their services. They spent more time questioning her presence and expressing that they felt they were all that was needed to deal with his end of life care situation. Not true! Tina does not just arrange services, she has her keen eye on the situation when all is in place! She relayed in a very professional way that the Hospice Service was not doing its job of providing supplies and support. The Hospice Service had not even done the first thing I asked which was to set up a POA! As an independent advocate, Tina makes things happen. Tina immediately got the POA signed! She helped us secure 24-hour nursing care when the assisted living facility wanted to exit him due to his increased needs. He had only been there a couple of weeks! We knew he was near the end and wanted to do everything possible to allow him to stay in his present situation. Tina helped with this.

She also arranged a memorial for 20 of his friends at the apartment complex he had resided at for over 20 years. She checked in and helped set up services for the cousin’s girlfriend that was admitted to the hospital with significant health concerns. Additionally, she checked in on my cousin’s Mom in Washington State. She took care of a host of details, large and small, that no other person or system would, or could, or even think to do!

She went above and beyond with care and competence. She is top-notch, an angel on Earth. My cousin and I had the utmost confidence and trust in her abilities, decisions, and work. Her services to navigate systems would be incredibly invaluable for family living in the area; however, ABSOLUTELY VITAL if the family does NOT reside in the area. Contract with Tina and Visionary Care Consultants if you want someone that is professional, experienced, caring, and trustworthy. We were so fortunate to find her!

Tina is the Care Manager you want when dealing with issues of elder care. She provides such meaningful services, it goes beyond the capacity of words to express. She was a godsend at two of the most stressful times in my life. She helped guide me through the nightmare of arranging care for my eldest sister who suffered from dementia when I had less than 2 weeks to get her from Los Angeles to San Diego. I literally could not have done it without Tina, who managed everything in San Diego while I was handling everything in Los Angeles. As issues of care, assistance with transportation, or even legal matters occasionally arose, I called upon Tina for either assistance or guidance. Recently, when my sister passed away, I relied upon Tina once again to help with the dispersal of my sis- ter’s belongings. It was such a relief to know I could trust her to handle all the details without my oversight! My gratitude to her is boundless.