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Why a Family Care Plan is so imperative during a pandemic.

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Many families have a lot of questions they are asking during these unprecedented times. Some of these questions may include:


  • Is my loved one safe in the assisted living place?
  • Would they be better off with me at home?
  • Is it safe to still have caregivers coming and going in our home?
  • What happens if our loved ones get sick?
  • What happens if I get sick?


You are not the only one with these questions and concerns. It can be undaunting to worry about chronic conditions especially when routine doctor office visits are currently not possible. Some of the biggest safety concerns are around chemo or other treatments for serious illnesses that are not COVID-19 related. Even if your loved ones do not have serious illnesses there are still concerns about their well-being and safety with the daily routines. Some of those concerns are about how to safely unpack groceries, how to stay in touch and keep the loved ones from becoming depressed because they are isolated, and how to keep their minds and bodies active.



It is important to create a plan that answers these questions and more. We are here to help you develop this plan. This plan will help you and your loved ones answer these questions and concerns. Then the plan will help you continue to improve the situation. This plan will cover what happens when your loved one gets sick, what happens if one spouse gets sick and the other is still healthy, what happens when a loved one has to go to the hospital, and what happens if you get sick.



We would be glad to have a FREE 30-minute Consultation with you to create this plan. Make sure to let us know a little bit about you and your loved ones. Include your three biggest concerns so we can do some initial research to make sure we are giving you the best possible information. During the consultation, we will do our best to get through all your questions and concerns. We will also contact you after the consultation to give you a summary of the information covered. As appropriate, we will also send you further information you may need to make the best decisions possible for your loved ones.


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